Wheel Soaping

The Wheel Soaper module is integral to Dominion's tire and wheel system or can be configured as a stand-alone station for simple integration into our customer's process.

The Soaper provides a consistent application of soap to the wheel bead seat area. The process follows the wheel's outside diameter with no contact to the wheel face.

The Dominion Wheel Soaper is designed to apply a consistent amount of soap to the bead seat of the wheel. The wheel diameter is identified (optional) as it transfers through the soaping area.

The wheel is passed through the Soaper using a shuttle transfer device. As the wheel transfers through, brushes come in contact with the wheel's outer diameter, and then follow the complete wheel contour to provide a consistent bead of soap.


  • Continuous 360° of soap application
  • Non-spray application
  • Removes need for wheel rotation
  • Easy soap applicator replacement
  • Wheel size detected by linear transducer
  • No-touch to wheel face
  • Automated loading of wheel to lift and carry system
  • Complete soap containment recirculation system
  • Easy brush applicator replacement
  • 75% reduction in weekly soap consumption from previous designs


  • Wheel diameter ID/error proofing system records and stores information for tire and wheel verification at the marriage station
  • Pumping station with auto switch over system
  • Soap flow detection
  • Manual soap application
  • Soap metering system