Weight Apply

The wheel weight apply tool can be configured for seamless integration into Dominion's Tire Assembly Balancer or may be integrated into the customer's balance process.

The wheel weight apply tool is used to apply mid-plane balance weights (stick-on) onto tire and wheel assemblies.

  • Balance weight information from the Dynamic Balancer is displayed for the operator
  • The operator selects the proper weight and manually loads it onto the tool. The tool can be conjured to magnetically hold ferrous weights or to spring clamp non-ferrous weights
  • The operator loads the tool onto the tire and wheel assembly, and The tool is guided into position using a plastic cone on the wheel bore
  • The operator rotates the tool until the alignment arrow is in-line with the balance mark
  • If the tool is sitting flat on the wheel face, the operator will be able to start the cycle


  • PLC or Air Logic Control
  • Accurate weight placement - registers on the wheel bore and the wheel square-up surface.


Mid-Plance off-set

  • 2-position - 1-1/2" Range
  • 3-position - 2-1/2" Range
  • Progammable - 4" Range