The Dominion Bore Greaser is an independent machine that applies a light coat of grease to the axle bore of a wheel. The equipment can be installed into an exiting tire and wheel assembly process or operate in a stand-alone mode.

The Dominion bore greaser requires very little maintenance and has the capacity to adjust the amount of lubricant it dispenses.

The Bore Greaser station applies a light coat of grease to the axle bore diameter of the wheel. When a wheel is present, the greaser applies a predetermined amount of lubricant to the wheel. This makes operation of the wheel decking equipment easier and prevents seizure of the dissimilar wheel and axle metals.


  • Applies even distribution of grease to wheel bore
  • Overhead Centering Mechanism for positive location of tire and wheel
  • Multiple Bore Size Capable
  • Power roll with slip sleeve transfer system
  • Manual System available for back up purposes
  • Grease empty fault indication
  • Stand-alone control system


  • Manual Hub Greaser
  • Stand-alone touch screen operator stand
  • Pressurized grease supply systems