Tire Soaping

The Tire Soaper module is integral to Dominion's tire and wheel system or can be configured as a stand-alone station for simple integration into our customer's process.

The Tire Soaper incorporates the following processes: tire diameter (optional), soap application, down flight tire queue and initial placement of tire to wheel.

The Dominion Tire Soaper is designed to apply a consistent amount of lubrication soap to the bead seat of tires. The tire diameter is identified (optional) in a pre-load station and then transferred into the soaping area.

An inflatable applicator is used to apply the soap to the tire. Soap is displaced onto the applicator prior to the tire entering the station. The applicator advances through the inside diameter of the tire to a hard stop location. The soap covered bag is first inflated, then the bag retracts extruding the bag onto the upper and lower beads. This applies a consistent and even amount of soap to the tire.


  • Continuous 360° of soap application
  • Non-spray application
  • Easy soap applicator replacement
  • Soap applied evenly to the bead
  • No lubricant residue allowed inside the tire
  • Low maintenance
  • Complete soap containment recirculation system
  • 75% reduction in weekly soap consumption from previous designs


  • Tire diameter ID/error proofing system records and stores information for tire/wheel verification at the marriage station
  • Pumping station with auto switch over system
  • Soap flow detection
  • Manual soap application
  • Soap metering system