Our Reason for Being

Our Goal

The continual growth of the company through sustainability, innovation, and excellence, with the integral focus on employee well-being, community outreach, environmental consciousness, and safety of all who encounter our products.

Commitments of Dominion Technologies

-  A commitment to sustainability and acting in an environmentally friendly way.

-  A commitment to innovation and excellence.

-  A commitment to doing good for the whole.

-  A commitment to the safety of our employees, customers, and end consumers.

Beliefs of Dominion Technologies

-  A belief that family is of fundamental importance.

-  A belief that honesty is always the best policy and trust must be earned.

-  A belief in maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

Why are We Here?

To help ensure the overall quality and safety of the automotive and packaging industries, so the end-user can have peace of mind that the product they are using has been built with our commitments in mind.

How do We Achieve the Why?

Using our fifty-plus years of industry knowledge, our relentless commitment to do good, we design and build beautifully crafted solutions with our commitments, beliefs, and goal in mind.

What is the Result of the How?

Balancing Systems, End-of-Line Systems, Fluid Fill Systems, Material Handling Systems, Packaging Systems, and Tire and Wheel Systems.

Who We Are

We are the ones behind the curtain, the ones in the background, meticulously planning and innovating, designing and engineering, crafting beautifully made products, to ensure the overall safety of every person that drives an automobile. We are in your neighbor’s garage, we are in the tightly packed streets, we are spanned across the globe, and every day that goes by, only we truly see Dominion, the impact we have on our own communities, the communities of others, our friends, our families, we can see what we have done, we can see what we have accomplished, and we can be proud, for we are a part of something much bigger than ourselves.