The tire assembly turnover has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the assembly plant balance area.

All of the rotation mechanism is installed opposite the operator, thus providing the maximum clearance for weight installation.

The assembly can be clamped and un-clamped while the conveyor is being raised or lowered. This feature prevents damage to the show face of the wheel when multiple tire widths are used on the same assembly line.

The Tire Assembly Turnover is used in conjunction with Dominion's tire assembly balancer. The fixture can either be located in the weight apply station or in a stand-alone station between weight apply stations.


  • Parallel clamp jaws to lift the assembly off of the conveyor
  • Conveyor can be configured for proud face wheels
  • Clamp arms pivot away from the tire and wheel assembly to allow wheel weight application
  • DC motor-driven rollers provide for a flexibility of loading and unloading speeds, as well as, provide a repeatable process for centering the assembly prior to clamp


  • Weight Stations - Ergonomic matrix of wheel weights with multiple tier units available for weight material and style variance
  • Error Proofing - Pilot lights for proper selection of weight and can be provided to indicate weight only or to indicate the weight and style required
  • Wheel Weight Apply Tool
  • Dominion Vision for plant broadcast