Dri-Tec International

Dominion Technologies Group, Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of Dri-Tec International.

Dri-Tec was founded in 1970.  For over forty-five years Dri-Tec has served the converting industry as a world class supplier of high performance Flexographic Printers, Coaters and Laminators, Enclosed Doctor Chambers, Automatic Unwinds and Rewinds as well as high efficiency Drying Systems. Our PC based software is highly reliable with integrative solutions, is modular and aids in streamlining all or individual processes. With a wide range of functionality and features, it also has full diagnostic capabilities.

Dri-Tec equipment is designed to perform efficiently and economically. All equipment is quality constructed, operator friendly and easy to maintain. Dri-Tec also offers a full line of auxiliary equipment for all of your converting needs. We can provide Single, Dual or Turret Unwinds and Rewinds with Manual, Drop Splice or Fully Automatic Flying Splice capabilities. A wide array of additional equipment such as Position Dancers, Turn Bars and Driven Nip Assemblies can also be built for any requirement needed.

Dri-Tec’s manufacturing philosophy of robust mechanical design, quality components and simplicity of design along with Dominion’s goal of the continual growth of the company through sustainability, innovation, and excellence, will help ensure the overall quality and safety of the automotive and packaging industries. Therefore, the end-user can have peace of mind that the product they are using has been built with our commitments in mind.