Headlamp Aim

Dominion Technologies Group provides a variety of accurate and dependable Headlamp Aim Equipment. The Headlamp Aim machine can be integrated into the Aligner or be installed as a stand-alone unit. The Headlamp Aimer is an easy to operate and accurate way to set a variety of different style headlamps including fog lamps.

The Headlamp aim machine is designed to accurately locate and adjust the position of North American, European and Japanese headlamps. The aimer is capable of measuring SAE, VOA, VOL, VOR, ECE, and HID headlamps. The headlamp Aimer measuring functions are processed with PC-based DTG HLA software using a digital CCD camera. The aimer gantry motions are controlled by PLC control using AC motors with a variable frequency drive. The gantry structure can be configured to be mounted in many different locations


  • Two-Axis Gantry with each axis controlled by an AC motor and absolute encoder feed back for precise positioning
  • Aimer Box containing a digital CCD camera and special fresnel lens to capture the headlight beam
  • HLA Calibration Laser for calibrating the HLA to known reference point


  • Semi-Automatic Screwdriver Adjustment System assists the operator with adjusting the headlamp to the proper position
  • Vehicle Communication Interface hardware and software
  • Adaptive Cruise Control calibration hardware and software
  • Auto Dimming Headlamp calibration hardware and software
  • Auto Leveling Headlamp calibration hardware and software
  • Headlamp Aim Audit equipment
  • Fog Light Detection equipment