Mechanical Engineer

Dominion Technologies Group, Inc. offers a large variety of automated equipment designed to meet assembly and process specifications, is looking for an Mechanical Engineer to join our team.

Dominion Technologies Group is a global leader in automotive assembly line and processing equipment.                                                                                  

Dominion Technologies specializes in Alignment and Headlamp Aim Systems, Tire and Wheel Assembly application, Fluid processing applications, End-of-Line processing applications, and Material Handling applications.

Headquartered in Roseville, Michigan, Dominion services clients globally with manufacturing and sales locations in England, China, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, and India.

Dominion Technologies was established in 1965 in Detroit, Michigan. Over the last 50 years, Dominion has grown exponentially both in size and experience.

Job Description

  • Designing and implementing cost-effective equipment modifications
  • Developing, testing and evaluating theoretical designs
  • Discussing and solving complex problems with manufacturing departments
  • Making sure a product can be made reliably and will perform consistently in specified operating environments
  • Managing projects using engineering principles and techniques
  • Planning and designing new production processes
  • Producing details of specifications and outline designs
  • Using research, analytical, conceptual and planning skills, particularly mathematical modeling and computer-aided design
  • Consider the implications of issues such as cost, safety and time constraints

Job Requirements

  • Ability to lead detail and layout personnel through the completion of the machine design
  • Experience must include background in detailing, layout, conceptual design and checking designs before release to the shop floor.
  • Willing to work in office and interface with shop floor as required
  • Willing to work overtime when required (average hours per week are 48-55)
  • Willing to travel when required (domestic and international)
  • Self-Disciplined
  • Experience with Customer interaction
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Engineering Experience Required
  • Ability to conceptualize new design then follow through to completion
  • Ability to specify fabrication materials (steel, alum, plastic, etc)
  • Ability to size cylinders, transmissions and motor drives
  • Knowledge in specifying machining requirements
  • Knowledge in specifying welding requirements
  • Background – One or more of the following:
    • Special Machines
    • Automation
    • Material Handling
    • Software/Engineering Process Training Requirements
    • Trained or Skilled in ACAD 2D (version 2014 or higher) - Required
  • Beneficial if trained in
    • ACAD 3D
    • Inventor
    • Team Center
    • FMEA Preparation
    • FEA Analysis
  • Must pass a pre-employment physical and drug screening
  • Must have and maintain a valid Michigan driver’s license, maintain auto insurance and have access to a reliable automobile