Employee Spotlight

Dominion Technologies Group, Inc. has over 200 employees throughout its locations. These profiles contain information and facts about some of the employees that help make Dominion the company it is today. A different employee is featured each month.

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Frank Lashier III

Position: Chief Operating Officer

Years at Dominion: 10

Job Description: I oversee Accounting and Finance, IT, and Human Resources. I also handle all of our banking, outside accounting, and outside law firms when needed. I spend a lot of my time planning the future of DTG, along with upper management.

Favorite Thing About Working at Dominion: There are so many wonderful aspects about working for DTG, but I would have to say my favorite is working with all the employees. I get to learn every day, from various people, not just about DTG, but about life outside of DTG.

Fun Fact: I am a vegan, which means I do not eat any animal products.


Mike Valpredo

Position: Leader

Years at Dominion: 42 years in March 2019

Job Description: I’ve had many different jobs during my time. I was hired in as a pipefitter, became a service technician, then became a leader. I became the Fluid Fill Supervisor after a few years as a leader. I also worked as the Service Manager for Fluid Fill and Fluid Fill Project Manager. About 18 months ago I was approached by upper management and asked if I would be comfortable hanging up my Project Manager hat and going back down to the floor to help out in the fluid fill area. This was to help out in the fluid fill area to become a leader once again and help train the young guys coming up. That is in fact where I am now.

Fun Fact: Love my Harley, and nice long rides. Wind in your face, there is nothing better to clear your mind!


Scott Strader

Position: Product Line Manager

Years at Dominion: 25 Years in October of 2019

Job Description: As a Product Line Manager, I manage Dominion’s Tire & Wheel equipment to ensure that the success is in line with the company's expectations.

Favorite Thing About Working at Dominion: The people and the possibilities. We have some amazing people working at Dominion and each day is more interesting than the last. Since I have been working at Dominion the possibilities of things to learn and get involved in have been endless. I have always been encouraged to learn more and take on more.

Fun Fact: I love playing soccer any chance I can! Well, when I am not injured. I have been playing since I was a little kid and still play a couple times a week.


Carl Semble

Position: Product Line Manager

Years at Dominion: 2

Job Description: I am the Product Manager for Tire and Wheel and Packaging equipment. At its core, a product manager's job is to understand what consumers need and to develop products to meet those needs. That could mean creating new products or extending existing products. In either case, it means prioritizing needs, working with product development teams, setting product release deadlines, and often, leading cross-functionally by orchestrating the efforts of marketing teams, sales teams, PR, and other functions that will drive awareness of a new product.

Favorite Thing About Working at Dominion: All the great people I get to work with.

Fun Fact: My first controls field start-up was done at GM Orion on a Caster Camber machine in 1983. This machine was made by Dominion Tool.


Bill Melucci

Position: Purchasing Manager

Years at Dominion: 17 + 11 at Beta Tech division

Job Description: Purchasing and Inventory control lead.

Favorite Thing About Working at Dominion: Love the people and the culture.

Fun Fact: Recognized in Purchasing Magazine as Black Belt in field January 2008. I also enjoy reading.