Dri-Tec rewind units come in single roll, dual roll or dual roll turret with over/under flying splice capabilities.  Dri-Tec also provides center, surface or center/surface winders.


Flying Splice Rewind

Dri-Tec’s turret flying splice dual drive rewind unit designed to process single and multi-ply substrates that are both extendable and non-extendable.

Maximum Production

Quality, heavy duty components along with a simple, straight forward design philosophy insures maximum production with an absolute minimum of down time and service maintenance requirements.  The turret assembly is centered between main frames for the purpose of locating the spindle drives opposite one another to simplify the drive train. This reduces friction and inertia for better web tension control.

Standard Equipment

The winder comes equipped with auto single direction splicing as standard and dual direction splicing, over/under as optional. A pneumatically activated rider roll is supplied as standard to assist the winding process. Standard equipment includes an automatic tension control system which incorporates Dri-Tec’s modular dancer assembly for precise control of low tension applications. Load cell sensing is also utilized to monitor and maintain uniform tension from full roll to core.

Quality Control

Direct web tension readout allows the operator to monitor the preset tensions and taper settings during the winding progresses to insure that the best possible quality control is maintained. The drive system is designed to meet critical needs when precise web tensions and velocities are required to accurately cover the predetermined full tension range.

Friction Free Bearing System

The entire winder is mounted on a shifting base assembly which includes a friction free bearing system and an automatic web guiding system complete with controller, actuator and web position sensor.  Safety core shaft chucks with replaceable hardened inserts are standard. Pneumatic core shafts are supplied with an air inflation nozzle mounted conveniently on the side frame along with the operator control station including the turret turn over functions and E-stop Safety Switch.


Turret Design With Flying Splice Over Only Shown

  1. Heavy duty machine steel side plates with reinforcing tie bars and floor mounting pads with leveling feature

  2. Turret assembly with dual spindle drive and motorized indexing

  3. Auto splicing assembly with cutoff knife and paster roll.  One assembly supplied for over splicing only

  4. Rubber spreader roll (spiral grooved) assembly with skewing feature to insure web is in a stable state before winding on roll

  5. Rider roll assembly to be utilized when required to assist in the roll winding process.  This assembly works in conjunction with the splicing assembly as a paster pressure as well as the rider roll .  After the splice has taken place the cut off knife assembly retracts and the rider roll assembly remains in contact with the winding roll and operates independently. 

  6. One load cell aluminum hard coated idler assembly for direct tension read out

  7. Necessary aluminum and hard coated idlers to direct web within winder

  8. Rewind unit mounted on a shifting base with automatic web guide control

  9. OCS Operator control station mounted & wired to terminal strip with all necessary control functions, ready for interfacing with drive