Chambered Doctor Blade Systems


Saving Money

Our systems will completely eliminate the need for the large supply of inks coating normally required in a fountain system. They are a cleaner, more efficient way of supplying your inks and coating to your engraved roll.

Our Doctor Blade Systems are engineered to be the best.

They offer:

High Fluid volume
Large distances between doctoring and containment blade
Eliminate the need for rubber roll and fountain pan assembly
Decreases start up time
Improves consistency of printing/coating quality
Easy retrofit to existing machinery
Less ink waste
Fast clean up
Requires little maintenance
No anilox or gravure roll rework
Operating speeds up to 3000 feet per minute
Web widths up to 140”


Spare Cavities
Heated Cavity
Split Cavity
Chilled Cavity
Wash up system

On Time Delivery

Our systems operate economically to save you money. Our prices are competitive and our delivery is six weeks after receipt of down payment and we deliver on time!


We will also supply doctor blade material and end seals for your systems. Our doctor blade material is available in a variety of widths and thickness, in a roll form or custom cut to length. Our end seals are available for many different systems. They come in a variety of materials to suit your specific face sealing requirements. Call for our low pricing on spare parts.

Replacement Composite Chamber

If your aluminum chambers have corroded due to running water based inks and coatings, our replacement composite chamber is the solution for you. This chamber is light weight and corrosion proof. Please call us if you would like a quote.

Start Up and Training

Dri-Tec offers full start up and training service by our qualified technicians. Our staff is available by phone, fax and e-mail. If you need parts, service or accessories or if you just have a question, contact us today.